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About Us

For more than 45 years, we have served individuals and businesses in Northern Minnesota with trusted experience, local insight, and personalized solutions.

Our History

How do we get the results our clients are so happy about?



We start with your end game. We listen carefully to your needs and focus on what you want to achieve. What results are you seeking, exactly? We work with you to clarify your goals and legal situation. We don’t use one-size-fits-all methods. Listening allows us to keep cost and time well managed all while reaching your end game.


Not only are we the most established and experienced law firm in our area but we are also the only full-service firm. Meaning, we can handle all of our client’s needs. Other local attorneys practice only one area of law. In fact, we frequently assist attorneys who refer their cases to us.


Collaboration is Power. We are a team of attorneys and we use that advantage by engaging in high-level collaboration. We don’t work in a vacuum. Our attorneys frequently consult with each other on issues or fine points to enhance the best possible results for our clients. Additionally, we closely partner with our clients, allowing us to determine the most effective means within the law to accomplish their objectives.


The attorney-client relationship is built on service and trust, and we highly value this bond. Our aim is that each client would feel like they are our only client. We are honored when our clients refer us to their friends and colleagues and are proud that many of our clients have trusted our firm for decades and even generations. Fostering personal relationships and, in turn, creating personalized solutions is how we have successfully built our business for over 45 years.

We Put Our Reputation To Work For You.

When choosing a law firm, or attorney, you hire more than their legal skills. You also enlist their reputation and connections. This offers you advantages beyond the hours our attorneys will dedicate to your case.

Our firm and attorneys are well known and respected among other lawyers, judges, political and civic leaders, and within local and state business. We’re the legal team other lawyers frequently call when they require help. We’ve handled prominent lawsuits and regulatory disputes and have broad governmental associations and experience.

Rudy Law Firm is widely recognized as the legal team with highly skilled attorneys, focused on their client’s success. Rest assured: our reputation and integrity count as much as anything else we will do for you. Whatever your legal situation, we employ our integrity, reputation and experience to ensure the best possible results for your case.

Our People

Let’s talk about how we can put our experience and people to work for you.